Date: 01 November 2013

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World-renowned Cycle Chic blog launches new webshop

The streetstyle blog that “launched a million bicycles” and spawned over 200 Cycle Chic blogs around the globe, has launched an exciting new webshop where our slogan ‘Style over Speed’ approach is brought into focus.

The Cycle Chic Republic, a collaborative effort between the various Cycle Chic blogs around the globe, is proud to announce the opening of the online store, which allows citizen cyclists to purchase stylish, urban bicycle accessories with a New Nordic aesthetic. Striking a balance between practicality and style, the carefully curated selection of functional designer products will be available for bicycle lovers around the world.

For seven years, since the 'Photo That Launched a Million Bicycles', Copenhagen Cycle Chic has inspired city dwellers around the world to choose the bicycle as intelligent, 21st Century transport. By popular demand, we've made all the accessories that we take for granted in Copenhagen and Amsterdam available to a global market. It's stylish, modern and basically just cool.” Mikael Colville-Andersen, CEO of Copenhagenize Design Co. and founder of Cycle Chic.

Founded in 2006, the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog now has over 26 associated blogs. Coming together as one ‘Cycle Chic Republic’, the leaders of cycle streetstyle have collaborated to select the best, and most innovative products for the fashion-saavy cyclist.

The long-awaited webshop features a range of products with a New Nordic design, showcasing both high-end designer goods and fun, affordable gifts. With a warehouse in Amsterdam, the webshop will continue to keep cycling fans up to date with the latest products in urban cycling fashion, yet will also present a range of men’s, unisex, and children’s accessories. Featuring 5 product categories, including Carrying Equipment; Bags and Panniers; Accessories; Ultimate Cycle Chic; and Cycle Chic Kids; it is easy to navigate through a diverse range of products that can be shipped around the world.

The Cycle Chic Republic showcases a range of products with a distinctly Nordic flair, but sources the very best designs from across the globe in order to cater to shoppers who are looking for unique, high-quality products that bring fashion to the daily commute. The Cycle Chic Republic allows you to find products to suit your lifestyle, and distinguish yourself from other riders.

To keep up to date with the latest on Cycle Chic Republic, find us online on our webshop at, and find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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